After getting a B.A. in Fine Arts from St. Lawrence University and doing an internship at Yankee Magazine, Susan jumped into the world of design and publishing. At Cahners Publishing she began with the basics in paste up and worked her way up to a management position as art director for the semi-monthly publication, Purchasing Magazine. In this position, she managed the staff and the budget for illustration and photography. While at Cahners, she also took additional courses in the field and worked on freelance projects off-hours including working as art director for Computer Update, the magazine of the Boston Computer Society.

Along the way, Susan developed a strong understanding of the value of teamwork and keeping to the bottom line in a competitive sales market. She was the force that kept Purchasing Magazine on time to the printer—a first in the 30 publications at Cahners—and kept it on time until she left in 1985.

While working for Jack Dickerson at The Dickerson Group, she learned the role of marketing in design and how to successfully move a job from concept through printing—on time and on budget—while maintaining the creativity which is essential to make a piece “work.”

In 1989 she started her own business, Flocksholm Design. Since then she has continued to grow and learn. For instance, while managing her business, she worked for a year at NK Graphics in Keene, New Hampshire, where she honed her skills in Macintosh programs to create large projects.

With all of her experience, Susan brings a wealth of skills and knowledge to each project at Flocksholm Design.

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